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Adults with CF were invited to submit a creative work of their own design with the theme “What does the CF community look like to you?" The finalists were selected based on artistic skill, creativity and originality, and contest theme communication expressed in both the artwork and supporting statement. The winner will be annouced on August 24 when BreatheCon registration opens.

BreatheCon 2020
Sept. 25-26
Registration opens Aug. 24

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The Finalists

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Hands Holding Roses

Melanie H.

Although we’re told to stay 6 feet apart, this community has proven to be one of the closest communities out there. We all have similarities... We’re strong, we’re knowledgeable, and we stand up for ourselves. Although the inside of the disease isn’t all lovely roses, we’re proud to have the rose as our symbol because when we come together, we can create something beautiful.

65 Lungs

Lindsay K.

The illustration represents the Cystic Fibrosis-filled lungs (65 roses) that CFers struggle with. But surrounding those lungs are the words of encouragement we so often hear, the struggles that we so often face, and the thoughts and similarities that are shared among the community, between both patients and the ones that love and care for them.

Rhizome of Lungs

Dominic Q.

I drew a set of lungs 65 times to create a rhizome of lungs, like roots, for the rose with "65" at its center. Each lung drawing was different size and shape, to capture the varying ages, sizes and shapes of people with Cystic Fibrosis's lungs.

Lung Community

Rebecca C.

Rebecca created this picture to express the diversity within the CF community. People of all walks of life are afflicted with Cystic Fibrosis but more than that, we are beautiful and diverse in our own ways and we each have a unique purpose. Whether you are a child, an adult, no matter where you come from, what you do for a living, or the passions that drive you, the thread of CF binds us. It doesn’t matter if you are pre-transplant, post transplant, have a port, don’t have a port, with a feeding tube or not, if you have multiple diagnoses, 35% lung function or 115%, there is a community waiting to welcome and support you here.

Sixty Five Rose

Maddie P.

The first thing I think about when I think of the CF community is solidarity and strength -- that's why I've chosen to illustrate the fist in the air, holding our sixty-five roses proudly, as a symbol of our unity and promise to fight for everyone with CF. The CF community is also diverse -- everyone with CF has their own backgrounds, interests, and paths, which I why I made the name on the hospital band "A Patient, More Than." I chose to color the hand purple because purple is the color of CF awareness and also reflects the diverse nature of our community. I included an IV because even though CF does not define us, it is a significant part of our lives, and we should recognize and embrace it.

CF Around the World

Chelsea S.
St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands

Tackling CF together -- To me, the best part about the CF community is that we are all in this fight together. Even though we can’t physically be together, nevertheless we fight this disease as one! Connected through our experiences, our hard times, and through our mutual understanding of what this life with CF entails has a beautiful way of bringing us together. The CF community is a force to be reckoned with. This is why I have drawn CF warriors surrounding the earth representing different facets of CF life each holding roses rather than hands to create this solidarity amidst separation. This community is so strong, resilient, supportive, and connected despite our forced distance, and I wanted my artwork represent that. All over the world, CF patients endure the same hardships, and together we can tackle those hardships with a little less fear and a little more support from one another! We may be alone, but we are together in this fight!