Why is the CF Foundation doing this contest?
The BreatheCon swag design contest offers adults with cystic fibrosis an opportunity to express themselves and give back to the CF community. Using the prompt “Making Every Breath Count,” adults with CF are invited to submit a creative work of their own design. The winning design will ultimately be selected by the CF community and will be printed on the BreatheCon 2020 swag!
Why do we send swag (Stuff We All Get) for BreatheCon?
Just because BreatheCon is online doesn’t mean it’s not a REAL conference, so every year participants receive swag just like you would at an in-person conference.
How long has the CF Foundation  been doing this contest?
This is the second BreatheCon Swag Design Contest. The first BreatheCon was held in 2016, and each year has featured swag with the BreatheCon logo. BreatheCon 2019 was the first time the swag featured artwork created by an adult with CF and chosen by the CF community at large.
Alright, I'm ready. How do I get started?
Check out the instructions on the How it works page and be sure to use the Enter page to send us your submission before the June 14, 2019 deadline.
Who is allowed to enter artwork?
Any person elibigle to attend BreatheCon 2020 may submit artwork., meaning any adult who has cystic fibrosis and will be 18 years of age or older by the event date, September 25, 2020.
Do artists have to be U.S. citizens to participate?
No, however event swag is only distributed to participants within the U.S. If you live outside of the U.S. and win, you will still be awarded prizes but may experience a delay in receiving.
What materials can be used on the submission?
Artists may create submissions using any materials they wish, such as paint, pencils, markers, chalk, pastels, charcoal, collage, etc. Computer-generated images will also be accepted. For more information on image format, see the online entry form.
What colors can be used on the submission?
Artists must limit their submission to three (3) colors. Artists may also incorporate a fourth color using the same blue from the BreatheCon logo:
  • BreatheCon Logo Color Codes
    • CMYK - C85 M10 Y0 K0
    • RGB -R0 G153 B215
    • HEX - #0099D7
Does the submission need to be a certain size?
Yes, the image should fit within a space 7 inches (height)  by 10 inches (width). It does not need to fill the entire space.
Can I enter the contest online?
Yes. You must use the online form to officially enter the contest. Due to COVID-19, CF Foundation offices are closed and can not accept mail submissions this year.
How is the contest judged?
Please see the Judging criteria on the How it works page for details about how the contest is judged.
Who are the judges?
Up to six top submissions will be selected by a judging panel that consists of the BreatheCon 2020 co-chairs and CF Foundation communications and virtual event staff.
Is the CF community involved in the voting process?
Yes. Once the entry period is closed and our judges have narrowed the field to the best submissions (up to six), the public will be invited to vote online. Voters will be asked to select their favorite submission. Help spread the word for your favorite submissions by sharing them with your friends and family.
Have more questions? Email virtualevents@cff.org