How to Prepare for Transplant
Chad Bautch Brad Stewart Kristen Angell Erin Mahoney, ANP-BC
Session Format
7:00 PM - 8:00 PM (EST)

The decision to get a transplant can be one of the most difficult decisions for people with CF and their families. Preparing to be listed is not much easier. Join this session to learn how to get ready for the big day and the many steps along the way. Hear from post-transplant patients, a caregiver, and a social worker about their experiences and expertise with fundraising, handling insurance, selecting a transplant center, and becoming emotionally and physically ready for transplant.

Session Objectives
  1. Learn about when to expect to be referred for transplant based on the CF Transplant Referral Guidelines.
  2. Learn about financial resources, in addition to insurance, to finance the transplant process.
  3. Hear personal experiences of selecting a transplant center and explore things to consider.