Advanced CF Lung Disease (ACFLD): What is it and what could it mean for me?
Ella Balasa Chad Riedy Julie Riedy
Session Format
2:30 PM - 3:30 PM (EST)

Although ACFLD is a journey unique to every individual, there is now a standard definition thanks to recently published guidelines. These guidelines help provide important and standardized guidance for different treatment options and planning. While the quality of life and survival of individuals with CF are improving, ACFLD remains common and the most frequent cause of death. Join us to hear more about ACFLD, what to expect as CF disease advances, and possible treatment options, such as lung transplantation. Hear personal experiences of living with or caring for someone with ACFLD, and gain tools to cope with the various physical, mental, and financial challenges.

Session Objectives
  1. Learn what defines Advanced CF Lung Disease (ACFLD) and what to expect as CF lung disease advances.
  2. Hear personal experiences of living with ACFLD and choosing treatment options.
  3. Define physical and mental challenges of living as an adult with ACFLD.
  4. Obtain tools for patients and caregivers to cope with ACFLD, including pragmatic planning.
  5. Gain an understanding of ACFLD treatment options to supplement standard CF Care, such as palliative care.