Full Name
Myra Giaffoglione
Connection to CF
Parent of a Person with CF

Myra the proud mom of two amazing kiddos with cystic fibrosis: Jack, who is 7, and Abigail, who is 6! In her personal life Myra enjoys spending time with her family and friends, attending shows with her husband, volunteering for the CF Foundation, and, of course, practicing yoga! In 2018 she (virtually) met her now very dear friend Katie Malik, and together they co-founded CF Yogi, a nonprofit program that offers free, live yoga classes for the CF community through the support of the CF Foundation Impact Grants program and the Boomer Esiason Foundation, as well as other sponsors and generous donors. In her professional life, Myra is a freelance data analyst and thoroughly enjoys her role as the data detective for Beam, an online exercise platform for people with specific health needs, including like cystic fibrosis. Tech meets yoga meets CF is her happy trifecta – while the kiddos await their own “trifecta” with the nearing approval of Trikafta for the 6-to-11 age group.

Myra Giaffoglione