Full Name
Chelsea Stahl
Connection to CF
Person with CF
Chelsea Stahl (Spruance) is a 29-year-old adult with CF. She is a wanderlust go-getter with a zest for life who has never let CF stop her from perusing her goals. Chelsea graduated college cum laude with a BA in psychology despite many health hurdles, and currently owns and operates a yoga studio and freediving school in the US Virgin Islands with her husband where they currently reside. Chelsea has co-chaired Breathecon and Familycon in the past and has a passion for helping others with CF both through virtual conferences as well as CF Peer Connect and teaching yoga to fellow persons with CF on CF Yogi. You can find Chelsea teaching yoga, sailing, traveling, or proving to those around her that cystic fibrosis does not define what she is capable of and highlighting what a life with CF can look like in a positive light. You can follow her journey and adventures living with CF on her Instagram (@salty_yogi) or Facebook (www.facebook.com/thesaltyyogi
Chelsea Stahl