Full Name
Rob Ronnenberg
Connection to CF
Spouse of a Person with CF

Rob Ronnenberg grew up in the small town of Byron, Minn., just outside of Rochester, the home of the Mayo Clinic, which is important in his story. When he started dating Jennifer in early 2013 he was aware she had cystic fibrosis without knowing anything about it. They've loved each other through a lot and after seeing Jennifer come within weeks of not being here, they were given their second chance. Through the miracle of a lung donation in October 2017 at the Mayo Clinic, her life was saved and their lives were forever impacted. Thanks to Lacey, their hero, Rob was able to marry Jennifer on February 26, 2019 in a beautiful wedding where CF and organ donation were key themes. Ever since the transplant, and a viral video of Jennifer’s first unobstructed breaths, they have been advocates for these two themes in their lives, with Rob leading the charge.

Rob Ronnenberg