Full Name
Jennifer Webber
Connection to CF
Parent of a Person with CF

Jennifer Webber is a mom with two wonderful daughters who both have CF. She works as a school psychologist in North Carolina. Her experience has ranged from working on an itinerant basis in the inner city to being building-based with 30 students on her counseling caseload. A most memorable position she held through early intervention involved providing parenting skills to parents of preschool aged children. She realized parents need tools to help themselves to optimally help their children. This inspired Jennifer and her husband to start a nonprofit, CF Parent Education Group (cfparenteducation.com), to provide workshops to caregivers of children with CF. The group brings in speakers on a range of topics and meets every other month. Jennifer is passionate about helping other parents of children with CF. Her daughters have had their share of ups and downs with the disease, but they are both now attending college. One has transitioned to the adult CF clinic, and the other one will do so in about a year.

Jennifer Webber