Full Name
Megan Barker
Connection to CF
Spouse of a Person with CF

In 2007, Megan Barker began her career as a respiratory therapist.  While performing her rounds at the hospital, Megan struck up a conversation with one of her patients about football; like her, Ty was a huge Peyton Manning fan. Ty was in the hospital getting his cystic fibrosis tune-up, and having already been there for two weeks, he was thankful to have a new friend to talk football with! Before Ty was discharged, he told Megan that he planned on taking her on a date. True to his word, the two went on their first date the day after he was discharged. They quickly fell in love and were married in 2008, completing their family in 2012, when they welcomed twin sons.  

After marrying Ty, Megan began to realize that not many people understood the life of a CF spouse. She began to seek out other wives, with whom she could share life experiences, and eventually established a group for other CF wives on Facebook. Megan took the information and experiences from that initial wives group, along with some input from CF husbands, and created Project CF Spouse. It is her hope that Project CF Spouse will be a beacon of hope for those navigating the world of cystic fibrosis.

Megan Barker