Full Name
Tom Spruance
Connection to CF
Parent of a Person with CF

Tom Spruance lives in Wilmington, Del., and is the father of Chelsea Spruance, age 27 and who has CF, and Preston Spruance age 19 and who does not have CF. All family members are actively involved in The Spruance Family Foundation, which funds CF initiatives, including CF lung transplant transition and CF gene editing research. As a parent, Tom finds his daughter's attitude toward life with CF to be both inspirational and challenging, especially when she decided to go cage driving with great white sharks with her father. To Tom, the strength and perseverance displayed by all CFers is humbling and infectious. It has urged him to share his journey, the highs and the lows, and his newfound purpose instilled by the challenges of CF with others. Tom believes working with the CF community makes him want to be a better person. Tom’s too old to have an ego, so his comments will come from the heart to help all affected by this disease.

Tom Spruance