About BreatheCon

BreatheCon welcomes adults with CF ages 18 and older for a weekend of sharing, connecting, and learning as we join together for a free, two-day virtual event to discuss experiences unique to people living with CF.
This year at BreatheCon we will discover how we live beyond CF and make our breath count every day. Attend keynote panels, such as a science and research update from incoming Cystic Fibrosis Foundation President and Chief Executive Officer, Michael P. Boyle, MD, and connect with the community by participating in small video breakout sessions, group chats, and workshops.
Come support and be inspired by each other.
For questions about this event, please see the Virtual Events FAQ  or email virtualevents@cff.org.

Program Planning Work Group

These events would not be possible without volunteers from the CF community.
Somer Love (Co-Chair), Chelsea Spruance (Co-Chair), Elizabeth Amber, Ella Balasa, Marissa Benchea, Carol Birch, Linda Bowman, Adam Brostowitz, Audrey Clark*, Olivia Clark, Karen Currie, Lauren Doane, Katie Fielding, Alex Gantt, Tara Goodwin, Megan Lepore, Jenny Livingston, David Mabo, Chris Merchant, Kristen Mudrack, Kasey Raffensperger, Ashley Ranes, Dan Schulke, Katharine Scrivener, Rod Spadinger, Lisa Stackhouse, and Mark Tremblay.
*Audrey Clark sadly passed away on August 8, 2019. We thank her for her contributions to BreatheCon 2019 and her drive to ensure all groups within the CF community feel welcome and represented at virtual events.

BreatheCon Swag Design Contest Winner

About the design
"In my drawing, the branches are in the shape of lungs, stemming from the main bronchi. The roses, not only being symbols of CF, are also symbols of flourishing life in lungs stricken with illness. Despite the dying tissues of scarred lungs from infections, there is still beautiful life within each person that has CF. Our roses bloom with each battle we face and win, to live to enjoy the next day and appreciate all it has to offer. It is also a tribute to all those that have lost their battle with CF, that their roses may continue to bloom through the way they’ve impacted each of our lives. And lastly, it’s a reminder for all of us that still fight, that we may take on each challenging day with a smile. May we strive to never take a moment for granted, to enjoy the little seemingly insignificant details of our lives, and to make every breath count! Cystic fibrosis is the greatest blessing and the greatest curse in my life, obviously affecting me daily yet it provides the most inspiration."
About the artist
Ella is 26 years old and was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at 18 months old. She was born and raised in Richmond, Va., and graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a B.A. in biology in 2014. She works part-time as a lab manager in an environmental microbiology laboratory at the university. Studying antibiotic resistance among ubiquitous environmental microbes that can also reside in CF patients’ lungs is a fascinating and a fulfilling job. Ella has become more involved in the CF community, and, as a director of the United States Adult CF Association, she strives to help educate and support others facing the same challenges with CF. Ella also has a passion for writing. She has a column on CF News Today and contributes to the CF Foundation blog. When she is not working, writing, or taking care of her health, she enjoys cooking, drawing, spending time with friends, and traveling as much as she can.
Ella Balasa
About the Contest
Adults with CF were invited to submit a creative work of their own design with the theme “Making Every Breath Count." The four finalists were selected based on artistic skill, creativity and originality, and contest theme communication expressed in both the artwork and supporting statement.
Why do we do swag (Stuff We All Get)? Just because BreatheCon is online doesn’t mean it’s not a REAL conference, so every year participants receive swag just like you would at an in-person conference.
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