Thursday, February 28, 2019
Knowledge is Power: The State of CF Infections and Treatments, and Hope for the Future
Session Format

Join a distinguished panel of speakers as they discuss the state of infections in the CF community today. Infection has infinite implications for people living with CF, and their family members and support systems. Understanding the science and research on infections – both what we know and what we don’t – can help us make better decisions about our daily lives, balance risks and rewards, and create strong partnerships with our care team and the wider CF community.

Speakers and community member moderator Ella Balasa will provide a snapshot of the current state of infections, changes over time and reflections on what we might see in the future. Discussion will cover how infections are acquired, how to avoid them and whether they can even be avoided, existing treatments and studies, and our prospects for treatments and better understanding. Speakers will also cover the impact of CFTR modulators and novel approaches to treating CF infections.  

The audience will join the conversation and incorporate personal perspectives during a question and answer period.